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Spa | Body Treatments

The secret of great skin, Charlotte Rhys Spa is an innovative and highly effective, clinically active, anti-ageing range of skincare products.

A stimulating body polish packed with crisp,hand harvested sea salt crystals to exfoliate and polish your skin,whilst mood lifting aromatic oils hydrate your skin and revilatise your spirit. Size 420g

232,00 ZAR

Our relaxing body polisher is a combination of hand harvested,sea salt crystals and precious essential oils which will calm and soothe you,whilst gently exfoliating and hydrating your skin. Size 420g

250,00 ZAR

A highly effective body polisher with detoxifying and anti-ageing properties,combines crisp sea salt crystals and fragrant essential oils to exfoliate,polish and moisturise your skin.Size 420g

238,00 ZAR

Our combination of Sandalwood,Frankincense and Lavender will relax and soothe body and spirit,while Kalahari Melon Seed oil moisturisers and regenerates your skin. Size 200ml

220,00 ZAR

Our warmly fragrant, detoxifying massage oil with anti-ageing properties, improves blood and lymphatic circulation,aiding weight loss and improving the appearance of cellulite. Size 200ml

265,30 ZAR

This harmonious blend of euphoric precious oils, rich in antioxidants, will nourish, soften and revitalise your skin, as well as increase positive emotions and uplift your spirits. Size 200ml

214,50 ZAR

Our exquisitely silky bath milk contains a blend of floral, citrus and magical Marula oils to relieve stress, uplift your spirits, while revitalising and nourishing your skin,an energising bath time treat.Size 200ml

149,00 ZAR

Our combination of Sweet Orange,Grapefruit and Rose Geranium Oil will stimulate and relieve stress and anxiety and at the same time nourish and revitalise your skin. Size 200ml

161,00 ZAR

Indulgent and effective our remedial bath milk helps improve blood circulation,eases muscular aches and pains,increase circulation and aid detoxification. Size 200ml

161,00 ZAR

Our luxurious lotion is lightly scented, exquisitely creamy and easily absorbed. Enriched with antioxidants to protect, nourish and pamper your skin.Size 200ml

182,50 ZAR

Our pure Aloe Ferox Gel is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.It instantly moisturisers regenerates,revitalises and generally nurtures the skin.Size 200ml

149,00 ZAR

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