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Whatever your preference, a relaxing bath or a stimulating shower, it's always memorable when you use and enjoy our essential range of luxury bath products.

Use every day, this easy lathering PH balanced shampoo is suitable for all hair types and will leave your hair fragrantly fresh and silky clean.

128,50 ZAR

A nourishing, effective everyday conditioner, for all hair types. Leaves your hair hydrated, soft and manageable.

128,50 ZAR

Our effervescent rich lathering gel is ideal for bath or shower. Leaves your skin tingling fresh and sparkling clean. Supplied with integral pump top.

128,50 ZAR

Relax and nourish your skin and senses with a soothing bath experience immersed in luxurious bubbles. Quantity 500ml.

149,00 ZAR

A soothing, nutritional treat for your skin, blended from nature’s most precious ingredients. Watch as our fragrant oil turns milky under running water. Quantity 500ml.

267,50 ZAR

Relax as our lightly scented, hand harvested sea salt crystals soothe away the stresses of the day. Crisp and sparkling, the ultimate bathing experience. Quantity 620g.

138,50 ZAR

A sparkling combo of pure salt crystals and fragrant natural oils to revive tired skin, leaving it radiant, smooth and moisturised.

183,00 ZAR

A silky rich lathering soap that leaves your skin tingling fresh and sparkling clean. 100g, boxed and supplied in our St. Tomas fragrance.

28,00 ZAR

Clean and Sanitise your hands with our innovative and revitalising Waterless Hand Sanitiser 300ml available in St Tomas only

92,00 ZAR

S5 Box


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