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An Exotic Indulgence

A hint of Eastern promise with the wonderfully intoxicating scents of exotic flowers and a delightful spike of spice. Jasmine, Galbanum and Ylang-ylang explode in the top notes, while Rose, Lilac and Pittosporum fill the heart. Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Orange Blossom bring the base to life.


Charlotte Rhys Classic is our flagship range of sophisticated bath, body and skin care products. Indulge yourself in our unique formulations which are a fusion of silky textures, luscious fragrances and precious natural ingredients. All are biodegradable, eco friendly and cruelty free.

Elegant and alluring fragrances for all ages and tastes. Choose your ideal scent from our diverse range. Quantity 100ml.
Shipping restriction prevents sale outside of South Africa.

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