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You are precious and it makes sense to always pamper your body. What better way to indulge than with our rich and fragrantly creamy range.

Silky and light, this highly effective lotion will hydrate and pamper your skin. Supplied with an integral pump top.

128,50 ZAR
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Our easy foaming gel with natural extracts will keep your hands clean, fresh and fragrant. Supplied with an integral pump top.

110,00 ZAR
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Rich and buttery, our supreme body cream will nourish and condition your skin all year round.

245,00 ZAR
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Elegant and alluring fragrances for all ages and tastes. Choose your ideal scent from our diverse range. Quantity 100ml.
Shipping restriction prevents sale outside of South Africa.

403,00 ZAR
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An essential product for all lovers of the outdoors. Our pleasantly scented cream moisturises while providing formidable insect protection.

84,50 ZAR

A highly effective protection from harmful UV rays and damaging free radicals. Non absorbent, non greasy and fragrance free. Supplied in a 75ml black tube.

110,00 ZAR

Use often and keep your hands perfectly soft, nourished and conditioned, all year round.

88,50 ZAR
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Keep your lips hydrated and lusciously smooth in all weather conditions.

59,00 ZAR

Our advanced eco-friendly gel will effectively clean and sanitise your hands, leaving them fragrantly fresh. Available in St Tomas. Save our precious water! Quantity 300ml.

92,00 ZAR
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